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Silicone LED Teeth Whitening Mouth Guard

Silicone LED Teeth Whitening Mouth Guard

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Are you embarrassed by having yellow stained teeth? Well, now you don't hide your smile any longer! The Silicone LED Teeth Whitening Mouth Guard emits 16 colored LED lights that reverse yellowing teeth and makes them white and bright again.

Made of a premium silicone gel material, this teeth whitening mouth guard fits comfortably around the gums and teeth without feeling too tight.

Just plug the teeth whitener into any type-c output and you're all set to go!

Key features

  • Made with premium silicone material
  • 16 LED colored teeth whitener 
  • Comes with whitening gel for the mouth guard
  • Removes yellow stains from coffee, tea, or smoking

Make your smile radiate using our Silicone LED Teeth Whitening Mouth Guard and order yours online today!

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