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Adjustable Eyebrow Drawing Stencil

Adjustable Eyebrow Drawing Stencil

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Achieve flawless eyebrow beauty exactly the way you like it with our Adjustable Eyebrow Drawing Stencil! This Eyebrow Drawing Stencil helps you create the eyebrow look you love with zero imperfections every time. 

You can adjust the Eyebrow Drawing Stencil to 3 different shapes that make drawing in the details much easier and less time-consuming. 

Simply align and adjust the Drawing Stencil to the shape you desire and start adding in the color! Don’t worry about any pinching or yanking of hair when aligning the drawing stencil to your eyebrows either. It’s completely safe and harmless so never fear pressing it against your skin.   

Key Features 

  • 3 in 1 eyebrow shaping stencil you can freely adjust 
  • Comes in shimmering gold and pink color tone 
  • Foldable design that you can travel with anywhere you go 
  • Creates perfectly symmetrical shaped eyebrows you can feel confident in 

Draw your eyebrows the way you like them easily with our Adjustable Eyebrow Drawing Stencil and order yours today!

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