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Combing & Cutting Eyebrow Scissors

Combing & Cutting Eyebrow Scissors

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Comb and shape your eyebrows with a single pair of scissors! Nothing makes shaping and grooming eyebrows easier than our Combing & Cutting Eyebrow Scissors. 

You can do both comb and cut eyebrow hair without going back and forth with separate tools. Use the comb on one end to brush your hair and the scissors to trim. It's really that easy!

The curved end makes it even easier to use and completely beginner-friendly to all women out there.

Key features

  • Premium stainless steel blade 
  • Double-sided scissors with a steel blade and comb 
  • Durable ABS plastic base 
  • Helps you trim loose and scraggly eyebrow hair

Trim and shape your eyebrows with the Combing & Cutting Eyebrow Scissors and order yours online today!

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