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Hair Salon Automatic Misting Bottle

Hair Salon Automatic Misting Bottle

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Impress your clients or yourself when styling hair with the Hair Salon Automatic Misting Bottle. Some spray bottles disperse water all over the place, others leak from every corner. Well, not with this salon-quality Misting Bottle. 

A light mist moisturizes your hair gently without soaking it too much all at once. You'll find it much easier and way less messy whenever using the Hair Salon Misting Bottle.

Whether you own a beauty salon or just want to upgrade your current spray bottle, this Misting Bottle makes any hairy styling routine twice as enjoyable!

Key features

  • Lightly mists without leaking, excessive moisture, or large water droplets
  • Comes in 150ml and 300ml
  • Made of premium ABS material
  • Perfect for every salon and spa owner 

Get your hair ready for styling with the Hair Salon Automatic Misting Bottle and order yours online today!

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