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Soft Hair Restoration Scalp Cream

Soft Hair Restoration Scalp Cream

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Revamp dried out flaky hair with our Soft Hair Restoration Scalp Cream! If you've been struggling to maintain properly moisturized hair and scalp, then this cream will do the trick. 

The main ingredient is Argan oil which is known for its anti-inflammatory effects and its ability to treat a variety of skin conditions. Your hair will instantly feel softer, smoother, and stronger with daily use of the Scalp Cream.

You'll even find it easier to comb your hair as the texture will completely soften with a silky smooth feel!

Key features

  • Contains the key ingredient, Argan oil 
  • Makes your hair feel softer, smoother, and stronger
  • Adds a radiant shine to your hair 
  • Size of cream: 60ml

Revamp your hair completely with the Soft Hair Restoration Scalp Cream and order yours online today!

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