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Waterproof Magnetic Eyeliner Pen

Waterproof Magnetic Eyeliner Pen

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Keep your eyelashes on securely with our Waterproof Magnetic Eyeliner Pen! This is exactly the eyeliner every woman needs who just bought a new pair of eyelashes to style. 

The eyeliner is completely waterproof, so no tears ruin the makeup, and is magnetic so your eyelashes stay firmly attached to your eyes throughout the day.

You don't have to use sticky glue anymore to perfect your eye look! This magnetic eyeliner is non-irritating and non-messy so you'll never feel any glue melt or come undone as the day goes by.

Key features

  • 100% waterproof eyeliner 
  • Magnetic eyeliner you can easily attach eyelashes to
  • Non-irritating and no glue required 
  • Elegantly designed eyeliner pen in different color options

Perfect your eye routine with our Waterproof Magnetic Eyeliner Pen and order yours online today!

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