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Wax Melting Hair Removal Machine

Wax Melting Hair Removal Machine

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Skip your next spa visit and wax hair comfortably on your own! The Wax Melting Hair Removal Machine is the newest and most therapeutic way to remove unwanted hair for both men and women.

Simply place the wax pellets inside the machine, allow it to melt the wax, and apply it over your skin to remove hair. Once the wax dries, gently remove it and you'll see soft, hairless skin that glows!

Plus, the wax pellets come in different fragrant scents that leave you smelling pleasant through and through.

Key features

  • Slowly turns the wax pellets into a paste that removes hair
  • Comes in different fragrant scents
  • Leaves your skin smooth, soft, and fragrant
  • Made with natural ingredients great for your skin

Wax your skin with the fragrance of our Wax Melting Hair Removal Machine and order yours online today!

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